Support for seven agricultural value chains in East Coast regions - CASEF, in collaboration with Cirad and CTHT, funded by the World Bank


The project consists in a technical support for the CASEF (Project for Agricultural Growth and Land Security), in order to support the development of 7 agricultural value chains (clove, lychee, cinnamon, pepper, curcuma, pineapple, granadilla) located in Tamatave region on the East Coast of Madagascar. Insuco, in collaboration with the Cirad (French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development) and the CTHT (Tamatave Horticultural Technical Centre), was solicited in order to contribute to the development and structuring of these 7 value chains, from production to export, on a 3-year period, by mobilising stakeholders, providing training, supporting varietal improvement, enhancing the performance of transformation units, structuring intermediaries, improving traceability, increasing production, improving access and connectivity…


The following services are expected under this contract:

  • Package of training courses
  • Support for enhancing the performance of value chains, as well as production volumes
  • Support for road rehabilitation