Design of socioenvironmental management indicators and strengthening of data analysis process - Isagen


Isagen, a leading company in the hydroelectric sector in Colombia, needs in the context of its socioenvironmental management processes to monitor demographic and socioeconomic data regarding the populations located within its influence areas. For this purpose, Isagen implemented two missions to collect primary data and to be able to provide the required information for various indicators. Additionally, Isagen adopted Boréalis Software, specialised in socioenvironmental data management, in order to centralise the information and to be able to better analyse and manage it, and was supported by Insuco in this process. To go further, Isagen solicited Insuco to strengthen its socioenvironmental management processes, by defining management and impact indicators, and to integrate them into Boréalis Software.

Insuco consequently implemented the following activities:

  • Review of the databases and identification of simple and composite indicators to optimise Isagen socioenvironmental management
  • In collaboration with Isagen teams, prioritisation of the most relevant indicators
  • Review and approval of the survey forms
  • Integration of the prioritised indicators and associated databases into Boréalis Software
  • Capacity strengthening for Isagen teams regarding the definition, monitoring and analysis of indicators

The client received the following deliverables:

  • Technical data sheet of each prioritised indicator
  • Survey forms to generate baselines (around 190 questions)
  • Geographical criteria necessary to ensure compatibility between baselines
  • Databases in Excel and Shape formats
  • Report with the descriptive statistics and indicator calculations
  • Configuration on Boréalis that includes the new indicators and associated reports / dashboards