Qualitative study on the perceptions and opinions of consumers regarding the electricity sector in Guinea - International Initiative for Sustainable Development


The non-profit organisation International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) was mandated by the World Bank to support the Guinean electricity sector, and more specifically, to make EDG company (Electricité De Guinée) commercially viable by defining communication strategies to make consumers aware of the company structural difficulties and to engage with them a concertation process, facilitating the exchange of views and the mutual understanding of each side’s constraints.

Within this framework, Insuco was mandated to carry out a qualitative study regarding the electricity sector reforms in Guinea, in the Lambandji district in Conakry.


Insuco provided the following services:

  • Review of the survey questionnaires to adapt them to the local context
  • Organisation and implementation of 2 focus groups aiming at assessing (i) the level of knowledge, (ii) the usual practices regarding consumption and payment, and (iii) the attitudes and responsibilities of citizens regarding the electricity sector, in order to be able to better understand their expectations

Insuco delivered the following documents: 

  • A review of the interview guide and an explanatory note on sampling criteria
  • Focus groups audio recording
  • Transcriptions of exchanges
  • Focus groups reports