Production of a working paper “Trends and experiences in Community-Company-State relationship. Perspectives that strengthen territorial dialogue.” - RIMISP, Latin-American Centre for Rural Development


The mission consisted in producing a working paper in order to launch a reflection and generate questions between RIMISP and its partners regarding territorial dialogue processes, and particularly the effective participation of high-impact private sectors in these processes. The objectives were to:

  • Generate a conceptual and analysis framework, to be able to examine such processes and highlight questions for future proposals and research projects
  • Identify lessons learnt on the basis of a literature review, Insuco experience in the facilitation of these processes in different territories, and through the formalisation of different case studies
  • Determine what could be RIMISP function in the analysis and potential support of such dialogue processes

Insuco produced, together with RIMISP, a working paper which presents a reflection and some case studies that illustrate the need to promote dialogue in order to switch from “transactional” to “transformational” approach, going beyond simple legal compliance in socioenvironmental conflict management, as well as a context and different typologies regarding conflicts between companies and communities. This document seeks to generate first reflections about territorial dialogue processes and highlight some questions for further investigation, in order to provide with new approaches the ongoing discussion about the effectiveness of these processes in Latin America.