Social Management Plan

The Social Management Plan proposes various measures to mitigate or improve social impacts, carefully designed to ensure consistent and coordinated implementation.


Based on the conclusions of the impact assessment, a certain number of mitigation and improvement measures are identified. These measures are inserted into the action plans covering the various aspects of the project (migration, compensation and resettlement, communication etc.). The Social Management Plan proposes an overview of the different actions that need to be carried out in order to ensure their suitability and overall consistency in the medium to long term. 


The Social Management Plan identifies the role that each of the stakeholders could play in implementing the different action plans, as well as potential for collaboration. It can be used to draw up an agenda and estimated actions as well as monitoring and evaluation tools.

Our Approach

The Social Management Plan is a dynamic process of stakeholder engagement. As such it cannot be seen as a turnkey product. It can be compared to a music score that all the stakeholders must play together and the effects of which must be assessed before, during and after implementation.