Resettlement and Compensation Plan

The Resettlement and Compensation Plan must enable the project to be established and the affected communities to receive fair compensation for any losses incurred.


The aim of the Resettlement and Compensation Plan is two-fold, firstly to clear the land required for project construction and secondly to compensate for the losses or inconvenience caused.  It is a difficult task, the extent of which depends on the project, the type of presence on the ground (occasional, linear, temporary or permanent), legal obligations and the type of assets affected.


The Resettlement and Compensation Plan must reflect all points of view regarding the compensation methodology adopted, the eligibility of affected persons, the nature of the compensation and how it is to be delivered.

INSUCO provides five deliverables:

  • A framework for institutional arrangements,
  • Mapping tools,
  • A budget evaluation,
  • A timeline,
  • A monitoring and evaluation strategy.

Our Approach

As well as ensuring compliance with international standards, we place particular emphasis on ensuring the Resettlement and Compensation Plan proposed is operational. Thus it is not only a document that meets the highest international standards, but is also a tool to be used in the field, a handbook for step-by-step implementation. It is based on the detailed study of local land tenure systems and proposes a set of data gathering tools required to assess losses and compensation, identify eligible persons and implement the measures identified.