Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan

The Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan consists in strengthening, guiding and supporting natural resource management in the context of institutional actions and industrial development.


The objective is to optimise the rational use of non-renewable natural resources, such that the number of beneficiaries is maximised and the negative impacts minimised. This also includes guiding the use of renewable natural resources towards a sustainable management model to ensure their continued existence while enabling access for all stakeholders in a harmonious, conflict-free manner.


INSUCO provides four technical deliverables:

  • A diagnosis involving all the stakeholders which gives the baseline situation,
  • An analytical matrix of problems and needs to specify strategic lines of action broken down into priority activities,
  • An operational action plan specifying the resources required for its implementation and an initial identification of the people involved,
  • A provisional timeline for a five-year period (on average).

Our Approach

INSUCO mobilises experienced teams made up of anthropologists and naturalists, enabling a clear understanding of the situation in all its cultural complexity and ecological diversity in order to identify and take into consideration any existing practices which contribute to sustainable management. This holistic approach leads to the proposal of priority actions to build natural resource management capacities and ensure the sustainability of development actions.