As part of our work providing technical assistance during implementation, INSUCO provides training to client staff and their subcontractors to provide them with a detailed understanding of the implementation processes and ensure they are able to manage these themselves.


While external help may be needed for the many studies and plans that must be prepared, it is important that the client and its teams rapidly appropriate the conclusions, objectives, methodologies and strategies of the project. Therefore, while INSUCO offers full technical assistance for the different project stages, our ultimate aim is to enable the processes to be run autonomously as quickly as possible.


INSUCO proposes two levels of training:

  • Training on the processes: roles and organisation of a Community Relations Department, development and implementation of monitoring and evaluation processes, social risk assessment and management mechanisms, development of compensation strategies etc.
  • Specific training for instance on land tenure, agricultural strategies, or local power plays.

Our Approach

INSUCO recommends an action-based approach. The aim is to avoid training that is too formal and theoretical and to put the lessons learned into practice rapidly. The trainer steps in during critical phases or when there is a departure from good practice, but does not take over the task in hand. This is the best means of ensuring the processes are appropriated from the study phases through to the strategic planning phase and finally to implementation.