Social Induction

This involves the creation of mediation and mobilisation tools to assist in building good relations among the various stakeholders in an intercultural and cross-cultural context.


Cultural and social differences are part and parcel of international projects. These projects can stimulate inter-cultural relations and be the source of rich and rewarding collaboration. However, they can also generate major misunderstandings and long-term problems. Induction is essential to build the basis for understanding, open and respectful relations. They help to instil a positive atmosphere in the various exchanges and contribute to effective collaboration.


The main deliverables consist of audio-visual materials such as films, to which other media and teaching materials can be added. These tools are a means of transmitting information and knowledge. As well as setting some behaviour rules, they arouse people’s curiosity, mobilise stakeholders and establish dialogue in various contexts, stimulating social interaction and various types of inter-cultural situation whether at village level, within institutions or the company itself.

Our Approach

In developing these tools, INSUCO draws on the expertise of specialists in media, culture and transcultural management. This enables us to provide our clients with clear explanations and interactive tools that are fully adapted to the specific intercultural context.