Implementation Plan

We provide technical assistance in setting up the institutional arrangements needed to implement the various plans, and assist in the monitoring and execution of social management plans.


The social management plans are proposed and validated in the previous phases of the project. They include a description of the measures to be taken and a specific distribution of roles. The aim of the technical assistance service is to help set up the institutional framework and support management plan implementation.


There are two deliverables:

  • Detailed reports which can be used to monitor the service provided
  • Technical assistance which is adapted over time to the client’s needs

Expert teams are mobilised to meet requirements.

Our Approach

INSUCO’s approach is based on the effective implementation of the plans that are proposed. The documents provided are designed for practical implementation and to meet the challenges of the actual situation in the field. Our expert teams know the field and the stakeholders and can help the client in implementing the recommendations that have been made.