Agro-industry sector

Our approach in the agro-industry sector is based on a sound grasp of agro-ecological, political, economic and social variables. We work from the baseline identification phase to implementation and/or support of an action strategy to guarantee the integration of the project into its local, national or even international context, while ensuring optimal project profitability.

Our objective is to analyse the direct project environment and take into account the entire value chain and stakeholders (producers, processors, providers, clients, investors, transporters, distributors, consumers etc.) so that our recommendations are integrated both into the local realities and the supply chain more generally.

At each stage of the project we propose an approach that is adapted to the expectations and needs which systematically includes:

  • Decision-making tools,
  • The construction of realistic projects suited to the local socio-economic environment,
  • Technical assistance to facilitate the integration of the project at different stages along the supply chain.

Stages of an agro-industrial project