Resettlement and Compensation Action Plan - EEM/CBG (ALCOA)


The Compagnie des Bauxites de Guinée (CBG) plans to extend its bauxite mine in the Sub-Prefecture of Sangarédi. This expansion project has the objective to increase the shipment volume from 13.5 tons in 2013 to 22.5 tons in 2017, and 27.5 tons in 2022. These activities would impact the villages located close to the mining site and in particular the villages of Hamdallaye and Fassaly Foutabe, that have to be relocated. The project’s objective was to elaborate the RAP Strategy, identify and count the people impacted by the project, inventory their lands and assets, in orderto integrate them into a georeferenced database, as well as to create the price and eligibility matrixes, necessary to the RAP implementation.


The individuals that have to be resettled were listed and their lands and assets were inventoried. The budget for the compensation plan was evaluated and the resettlement process was built in compliance with the national and international standards. Finally, the georeferenced database created by Insuco, constituted an operational tool that enabled the RAP implementation.