Development of a Monitoring & Evaluation system - UNDP, in partnership with ACUA foundation


Under the development of the Small Grant Program (SGP) implemented by UNDP with Global Environment Facility (GEF) funding in Colombia, INSUCO has developed a set of operational tools designed to ensure monitoring and evaluation of initiatives supported by the program as well as the SGP program performance. For this, a review of methodological tools adapted to the specificities of the program has been undertaken along with a fieldwork to assess the monitoring and evaluation needs of the initiatives supported by the program. The process ended with the completion of participatory sessions to receive feedback from relevant stakeholders and a training workshop on the implementation of the monitoring and evaluation system. 


The client received a set of operational tools for monitoring and evaluation i) a self-diagnostic tool for initiatives to monitor their progress and initiate a process of continuous improvement ii) a tool for UNDP to monitor the activities of the initiatives and their associated results iii) a scorecard to measure performance of the program against its objectives iv) a user guide to enable appropriation and application of monitoring & evaluation tools by local initiatives and facilitate the scaling of these tools to new intervention areas.