Environmental and Social Impact Assessment for the agro-photovoltaic project “Douda Farm” - Akuo Energy Africa


Akuo Energy Africa, operator in the renewable energy sector, proposed a 30MWc Agrinergie® solar plant to the Government of Djibouti. This solar plant project is called “Douda Farm”. The objective is to provide both agricultural production and solar production thanks to the conjunction of solar panels and shadehouses that will shelter agricultural crops and/or fish farming. In the context of this project, Akuo Energy Africa mandated Insuco to implement an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment.

The objective of Insuco mission was to:

  • Review the legal framework regarding Djibouti environmental and social safeguard policies
  • Produce a baseline in the project area, by implementing an environmental diagnosis and a socioeconomic baseline study of the population affected by the project
  • Identify the environmental and social impacts caused by the project during its construction and exploitation phases
  • Propose mitigation or improvement measures
  • Produce an Environmental and Social Management Plan
  • Implement a general assessment about the project conformity and acceptability

The following deliverables were produced:

  • A scoping report
  • An Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)
  • An Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP)