Cartography of village territories, village histories, Stakeholder Engagement Plan, scoping mission for the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment and definition of resource spaces for Moyen Bafing National Park - World Chimpanzee Foundation


Under the “Parc National du Moyen Bafing” (PNMB) implementation programme, subject of a ministerial order and funded by private funds provided by CBG and GAC mining companies as well as NGOs, WCF solicited Insuco to obtain an accurate view of the concerned communities’ spatial situation. More specifically, Insuco was requested to implement exhaustive studies over the entire PNMB territory, to provide a framework for the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) and support decision-making processes.

The mission consequently consisted in:

  • Developing a Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP)
  • Implementing a scoping study
  • Producing mappings for both village territories and lands (6431 Km2 and 262 villages) thanks to GPS readings, village consultations, the record of feature points and the establishment of a “ground truth”
  • Implementing a study about the population history and land tenure concerning all villages
  • Centralising and analysing the set of socio-economic data and highlighting the lacks and needs to be able to fulfil them during the ESIA

The following deliverables were produced:

  • A Stakeholder Engagement Plan
  • A scoping report
  • A map of the village territories boundaries
  • A map of the territories and their resource spaces
  • A description of populations’ history and of the internal hierarchies in each village
  • A population map representing the structures of the alliances / associations between villages and their potential hierarchic relations
  • A Geographic Information System (GIS) gathering the data collected