Socio-economic baseline study on the FAO project beneficiaries, agricultural training and monitoring-evaluation - FAO


The mission consisted in carrying out a socio-economic study of the beneficiaries of the FAO project in order to obtain a better understanding of the beneficiary populations and a reference state that will serve as a basis for the monitoring and evaluation of the training impacts.

This project aims to:

  • In the southern area: strengthen the vegetables growers’ production capacities from Dikhil and As Eyla, in order to increase their incomes, making their production system more resilient and effective
  • In the northern area: initiate the locals of Dorra and Assassan to the forage crop, in order to fight farmers’ chronic forage deficit

Insuco was in charge of:

  • Carrying out the socio-economic study of the beneficiaries of the project
  • Conducting agricultural training
  • Testing training and monitoring tools
  • Capitalizing on what has been achieved and providing insights to lay the foundation for a more ambitious development program

The client received a set of comprehensive tools:

  • Socio-economic baseline study
  • Capitalization report
  • Methodology for monitoring and evaluation