Our principles

True backbone of INSUCO, the Research and Development (R&D) department aims at being multidisciplinary so as to trigger interactions between the various fields of expertise, hence deepening their analysis.

This department allows us to strengthen our tools, to capitalize our knowledge in our field of expertise and enables us to design new products for our clients.

Our experimental approach is key to innovation, focused on applied research and thrived with both our experience and scientific discoveries in the fields INSUCO is focusing on.

The R&D department is based on 4 main axes:

  1. Developing our tools and methods continually, adapting them to the contexts of studies and innovating to meet our clients’ needs at best,
  2. Capitalising on these approaches and their development by publishing articles, writing up field notes and giving experience feedback to share successful innovations,
  3. Collecting data and establishing a comprehensive document management system which includes legal documentation for each country and scientific articles and works covering all the various topics and disciplines that INSUCO is specialised to. ,
  4. Ensuring on-going monitoring of best practices to ensure these are promoted within INSUCO.