Technical, Administrative and Financial Management

Technical Management

Ingrid Jeanne
Technical Director Guinea

Ingrid is an engineer specialised in international agro-development and project management. She has specialised in socioeconomic and agricultural studies, in various contexts in Africa and Latin America, and has developed strong expertise in survey methodologies and rural context analysis. Her understanding of agricultural strategies, as well as her operational experience in field studies, have allowed her to coordinate projects at international level and to supervise various studies specific to extractive projects in Guinea.

Laura Estrada
Technical Director Colombia

Economist with a Master’s Degree in Latin American studies, Laura has a strong experience in research and project management to support rural development through territorial approaches, formulate strategies to fight poverty, design monitoring-evaluation systems and measure socioeconomic impacts, and perform spatial analysis. She has specialised in quantitative and qualitative methods, management of the work and data collection in the field, management of databases, and analysis of quali-quantitative information. She has worked for various public and private organisations, such as Diversity & Development Foundation, the Colombian National Administrative Department for Statistics (DANE), and the Institute of Political Sciences Hernán Echavarría Olózaga. She wrote several articles focusing on agricultural development, associativity, productive development, multidimensional poverty, and national agricultural censuses.

Laure Prin
Technical Director Burkina Faso

Laure is an engineer specialised in international agro-development. For more than 4 years, she has managed and coordinated projects in Africa, particularly in Burkina Faso, Benin, Cameroon and Madagascar. Laure has worked in the fields of development aid, research and social entrepreneurship. In particular, she carried out feasibility studies, sector studies and supported social entrepreneurs in designing and implementing economic models.

Louise Pierre
Technical Coordinator Djibouti

Louise holds a Master's Degree in Urban Planning and is specialised in the management of territories in difficulty. In particular, she produced a research paper focused on urban sprawl in Djibouti, studying in greater detail Balbala neighbourhoods. Before returning to Djibouti, Louise briefly worked in France in a humanitarian aid NGO. She is now in charge of coordinating the projects and developing the activities of Insuco Djibouti.

Margaux Nicot
Technical Coordinator Madagascar

Margaux is an engineer specialised in agro-development, project management and financing. She has several years of experience in the support to producer organisations, particularly regarding the fields of certified agriculture and contractualisation. She implemented diagnostic studies combining agronomy, economy and social sciences, which allowed her to analyse the rural activity systems of producers on the East Coast of Madagascar, and support them in structuring cooperatives to develop village plantations. Through these experiences, she could interact with a wide range of actors, such as public institutions, institutional bodies, research organisms, private companies, consulting firms and funders.

Romain Ronceray
Geomatician – Designer

Romain holds a Master’s Degree in Geography with a specialisation in Globalisation and Development. He has specialised in cartography, spatial analysis and implementation of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). For more than 6 years, he has been organising field surveys and providing cartographic support on the African continent for development projects or in consulting firms. He is now involved in various projects, and particularly Resettlement Action Plans (RAP), in which he manages the design of GIS, the supervision of asset inventory campaigns, socio-economic surveys and the production of communication materials.

Simon Delotter
Geomatician – Designer

Holder of a Master’s in Geography specialising in natural disasters and a Master’s in Regional Cartography and Geographical Information Systems from the University of Montpellier III, Simon Delotter has worked for eight years for regional authorities as a 3D-GIS Project Manager. In this role he participated in developing interactive virtual models for towns and cities. This experience has given him a solid grounding in data analysis and the production of maps and 2D/3D graphics. He is working with INSUCO to train field teams in the use of GIS tools, the analysis and production of maps and the production of SIG databases.

Valentin Soro
Programmer Analyst

Valentin has worked as a Programmer Analyst for more than 12 years and specialises in developing Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) data entry forms and data processing applications for infrastructure, extractive and institutional projects. He has also worked on projects to develop geo-referenced databases for storing data and editing output records that also detail and rank individuals’ assets. Valentin is used to working with experts from various backgrounds; he is familiar with all the steps involved in developing household surveys and can also oversee survey quality control (blockages, question coding, duplicate entries) of both paper-based and digital questionnaires.

Kévin Sanou
Programmer Analyst

With a Bachelor’s Degree in geomatics, Kévin is a programmer analyst specialised in Java, Web (PHP, JavaScript), database (SQL) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). In the past, he has worked in the design and implementation of applications for project monitoring, management and analysis, for the company Geodetect (interactive mapping and real-time vehicle tracking). At Insuco, he participates in the development of geolocation applications, in the construction, management and quality control of databases (Sycosur), particularly in the context of resettlement processes.

Administrative and Financial Management

Aïssatou Barry
Administrative and Financial Officer Guinea

Aïssatou holds a Master’s Degree in Finance from the Higher Institute for Business Administration of Gafsa (ISAEG by its French acronym). She has worked during 6 years for the international audit company KPMG, as a senior auditor. She then integrated Insuco in 2012, as a financial controller, before assuming the position of administrative and financial officer. Additionally, to complete her background, Aïssatou followed a course focusing on cost and budget management.

Saïdou Rakissaga
Administrative and Financial Officer Burkina Faso

Saïdou holds a Master's Degree in Finance, Accounting and Audit, as well as a Master's Degree in Economics, Business Management and Organisation from the University of Ouagadougou. Before joining Insuco, Saïdou worked for 2 years in the mining exploration company South Shore Group, as Administrative and Financial Officer. He also worked for FIDEXCO SA as an auditor and participated in Rimbé Mathias BAMOGO company (CEC-RMB), as Head of Mission, in audit and statutory audit missions for mining companies, mobile phone companies and on development projects.

Nagwa Ahmed Kaireh
Administrative and Financial Officer Djibouti

Nagwa holds a Bachelor’s Degree in banking, finance and insurance from the University of Djibouti and is pursuing a Master's Degree in administrative and financial management at the University of Franche Comté, France. Before joining Insuco Djibouti, Nagwa worked for more than 4 years as Head of the Credit section in a microfinance institution. She also worked for private and public companies, where she could develop skills regarding budget and financial management, administration, commercial relations and human resource management. 

Angie Bayona Zuluaga
Administrative and Financial Officer Colombia & Ecuador

Angie holds a degree from the Military University of Nueva Granada, Colombia, specialised in international relations, with a special focus on project management. She has more than 6 years of experience in administrative and financial project management in Latin America, principally in Colombia and Ecuador. In particular, her experiences allowed her to manage budget follow-up and control, contractualisation and relations with providers and contract workers, payment processes, as well as financial reporting.

Rosilia Florus
Administrative and Financial Officer Haiti

Holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in business administration, Rosilia has worked for various NGOs in Haiti within administrative and operational support departments. She also managed operational programmes as operational base manager in the municipality of Les Anglais, following hurricane Matthew. She could work among others for Doctors of the World, different Oxfam affiliates, URD group, and Save the Children. In particular, she actively participated in the animation and formalisation of the results of numerous strategic workshops in the context of “One Oxfam” strategy implementation in Haiti.